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Wellness Coach Certification

Pillar 3: Coaching Relationships & Strengthening your Relationship with Others

Holly Miller
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Includes 8 modules and live teaching interactive sessions on coaching skills within relationship building.

Length: 8 Weeks

Live Sessions: 22 Live Hours


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

2. Client-Centered Relationship

The client centered relationship is one in which your client is seen as strong, resourceful and the expert on their life. Your role as a coach is to mirror and reflect those strengths, evoke what’s important to your client including their values, and assist them with distilling relevant goals related to their lives, health and purpose.

3. Trust & Rapport

For coaching to be effective, you must be able to create a safe and respectful container. In this module, we discuss the importance of trust and rapport and how to create it.

4. Client emotions and energy

We are constantly communicating emotionally whether we know it or not. Your client may be experiencing emotions they are unaware of. Part of your role as a coach is to assist your client with self-awareness particularly around emotions and energy.

5. Client awareness, perspective shifts and insights

New levels of client awareness, reframing, perspective shifts and insights are aspects of coaching that help clients see themselves and situations differently and in turn can assist with the achievement of desired results.

6. Client Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is a client’s innate sense of their ability to achieve their goals. One of our main goals as coaches is to increase a client’s self-efficacy, which we address in this module.

7. Improve support

Clients have existing resources and support that they may not be aware of or do not take advantage of, as well as potential support that they can access. In this module we address how we can improve client’s support and support systems.

8. Increase positive psychological resources

In this module we discuss increasing positive psychological influences and building one’s inner resiliency. This includes everything from reducing the influence of an inner critic to using tools such as affirmations to increase a positive mindset.

9. Closure

Wrapping up Pillar Three - We will use this time to wrap up, give feedback, share main take-aways from the course and have one last coaching practice together.

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