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Wellness Coach Certification

Pillar 2: Coaching Tools & Integrating Nutrition, Fitness, Stress, and Life Balance Concepts

Holly Miller
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Pillar 2 is an in-depth course covering coaching tools and skills. We will also integrate core wellness topics such as Nutrition, Fitness, Transforming Stress, and Life Balance, so you'll feel confident working with clients on a variety of health and wellness goals.

Course Length: 8 Modules

Live Hours: 16 Live Hours

Here is the course outline:

1. Mastering Active listening & Self-Care

The coach uses mindful awareness to notice with curiosity and non judgment what is happening with the client. Active listening involves using silence appropriately to “hold the space” and allowing clients time to reflect, process, and identify what emerges.

2. Reflections & Relationships

Reflections convey active listening (“I’m hearing...”) and give clients the powerful opportunity to witness the sound of their own words, perspectives, and beliefs. Nonjudgmental reflections engage the client and inspire learning.

3. Expand the Conversation & Values

The coach helps the client expand possibilities by asking curious questions that evoke deeper thinking and self-reflection. Open-ended questions (starting with “what” or “how”) encourage exploration, as well as highlight strengths, values, and opportunities for learning.

4. Focus and refocus the conversation

The coach facilitates a conversation that balances a client’s exploratory thinking with action-oriented focus. After engaging the client in an exploration process, the coach will use techniques to narrow the conversation toward decisions, goal-setting, and commitment.

5. Goals and implementing action

The coach supports the client in choosing goals and action steps. The coach recognizes the client’s readiness to change and supports the client in designing appropriate action steps that move the client toward self-determined goals.

6. Assist client to evaluate and integrate health information

Coach will identify what the client understands and assist the client in finding and utilizing health and wellness resources. Coach assists client in accurately evaluating sources of health information, such health care provider input, health & wellness assessments, and biometrics.

7. Client’s freedom of choice, autonomy, and intrinsic motivation

Coaching psychology involves eliciting the client’s intrinsic motivation, which is based upon the client’s purpose, meaning, values, and preferences, and not external sources. The knowledge and experience of the client—not the coach—are the raw materials for coaching conversations that facilitate lasting change.

8. Client active experimentation and self-discovery

9. Bonus: Breath Awareness / Mindful Moment

These are exercises you can choose to do with your clients if it feels right for your practice.

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