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Wellness Coach Certification

Pillar 1: Designing a Coaching Practice and a Wellness Practice

Holly Miller
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Pillar 1 is a 2-week jump-start course that covers the coaching structure and coaching programs. We will also start to dive into developing a personal self-care routine and practice. This course includes 4 live hours.

Course Length: 2 Modules

Live Sessions: 4 Live Hours 

See our live session calendar to determine when live sessions are hosted for your enrollment cohort. 


Here is the course outline:

Your First Official Coaching Session

Learners will demonstrate the ability to conduct an initial coaching assessment.

Introduction: What is Coaching?

Learners will explain the coaching process and identify logistics in planning coaching sessions.

Coach Preparation Prior to a Session

Learners will explain how they can prepare prior to a coaching session to set the climate/stage for positive and productive coaching.

How to use Coaching Agreements and Assessments in Coaching

Learners will review assessments and determine which type of assessments they will use for their practice coaching.

Ethics, Standards, and Scope of Work

Learners will understand and demonstrate knowledge of how to exercise professional standards and ethical guidelines as outlined by the ICHWC.

Building Trust & Rapport

For coaching to be effective, you must be able to create a safe and respectful container. In this module, we discuss the importance of trust and rapport and how to create it.

How to Conduct a Follow-Up Coaching Session

Learners will use the appropriate skill set to identify a client's focus, revise goals, discover take-aways, and invite feedback on the coaching session.

How to Terminate or End a Coaching Session

Learners will invite a client to reflect on and assess their growth, lessons learned, and develop a sustainable plan forward.

Creating a Wellness Practice

As a coach, you can be a powerful role model. Create a wellness practice that supports your physical, mental, and emotional wellness being.

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