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Mastering Active listening

Dawn Mazur
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This short- 4-hour course does a deep-dive into active listening so you can practice mastering this skill set. This course is designed for NBC-HWC that are looking for CEC's and would like to refresh their coaching skills. This course includes reading, watching videos, writing coaching transcripts, discussion board, and practicing active listening. 
CEP #100088
4 CEC's

The following NBHWC competencies are covered: 

2.3.1. Be attentive and mindful

2.3.2. Be open-minded

2.3.3. Be curious without assumptions

2.3.4. Pace communication to fit the client’s needs

2.3.5. Listen for what is not being said

2.3.6. Nonverbal communication Use silence appropriately Attend to and address nonverbal communication


You have 30 days to complete this 4-hour course. 

Here is the course outline:

Mastering Active listening

The coach uses mindful awareness to notice with curiosity and non judgment what is happening with the client. Active listening involves using silence appropriately to “hold the space” and allowing clients time to reflect, process, and identify what emerges.

Using Questions

Asking the right questions can help to gather more information. When clients provide more information, it's an opportunity for the coach to practice their active listening.

Finding your Strengths

As a coach, what makes you unique are your strengths. There are a variety of tools that can help us tap further into those strengths. This helps us to remain present which increases our active listening skills.

Closure and Resources

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