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Nutrition Coaching for Better Health 18 CECs

Dawn Mazur
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Upon completion of this 8-week course, students will determine how to support their clients through a balanced approach to nutrition, define their role as a coach assisting with nutrition goals, and list the recommended nutrients and their role in the human body. 

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CEP #100088
18 Credits

Our Nutrition Course is designed and taught by a Registered Dietitian.

  • Food Choices and the Human Body
  • A Balance Nutrition Approach
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Plant-Based Protein Sources
  • High Protein Diets
  • Superfoods and Phytochemicals
  • Plant-Based Diets 
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Whole-Fat Foods
  • Mindful Eating
  • Non-Diet Approach
  • Nutrition Research and Mass Media


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"The course is so rich, full of information not only about nutrition but also how to work with clients." -Ana

"This was a brilliant, eye-opening course. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative."- Patsy

"I did learn a lot during this course and it was extremely helpful." - Antoinette

"Really digging into the macro-nutrients was very eye-opening." - Jennifer

"I love the attention to detail and the abundance of information. There are lots of resources here to use with clients in the future." - Sarah

 (This course) "gives a great foundation for helping clients navigate one of the most challenging aspects of life: a healthy diet." - Kalisha


Hello and welcome to Nutrition Coaching for Better Health - We're glad you're here!

My name is Detria Branch and I will be teaching this course. I have a Bachelors of Science in Human Nutrition & Food Science and a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition. I have additional training in functional medicine, herbal medicine, laboratory tests and evaluations, women's health and a wide variety of deeper subjects covering food sensitivity, hormonal health, digestive health, etc.

I have over 15 years experience working in the food industry, natural grocers industry, and clinical settings as a food safety inspector, community educator, nutrition instructor, group program designer & facilitator, and health and nutrition coach. More specifically, I have worked as a health coach for a natural grocery chain, as well as presently a health coach for a whole-health cardiology practice. I have also taught allied health students and general studies students for two years at my local university branch campus. Currently, I am also working with a few start-ups to do therapy on-demand, along with exclusive women's health coaching all remotely!


As you are already aware, nutrition is a very popular topic, but it's also very controversial. Since I am a degreed nutrition professional I get questions about nutrition. For me to be able to answer questions in a way that protects the health of those I serve in an ethical manner, I need to be aware of evidence-based nutrition and frequently revisit this information, from a variety of trusted sources, to be able to respond accordingly. The goal of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation in nutrition so that you meet the nutrition-related requirements for your health coach certification and best serve your clients with confidence.


Here is the course outline:

Welcome and Announcements

Introduction to Wellness Coaching in Nutrition

The course will provide you with a simplified nutritional foundation. Understand the basic nutrients, the role they play in the body, and how diet can influence health.

Food Choices and the Human Body

Learners will explain the most common influences of food choice, as well as the nutrition-related barriers that keep clients from making positive nutrition behavior changes.

A Balanced Nutrition Approach

Describe the six essential nutrients, including energy-providing nutrients. Define the 3 energy systems and their nutrition implications. Distinguish between hunger and thirst and define the role of hydration in digestion and weight management. Understand the importance of not overlooking alcohol in discussions related to weight and improving health values. Gain a broad understanding of the roles and functions of minerals and vitamins in energy production and overall health. Describe energy balance and the role of nutrition and exercise.


Learners will identify carbohydrate sources and describe the importance of fiber. They will gain an understanding of sugar and how to identify sugars in beverages and other foods. Learners will explain the role of insulin in normal functioning cells and how insulin resistance and prediabetes can lead to diabetes. They will be able to define and distinguish the different types of diabetes. Students will also explain metabolic syndrome.


Learners will gain an overview of how the body uses protein and define the roles of protein. They will also identify which populations are in need of more protein and determine the health risks of getting too little and too much protein.

Vegetables & Fruits

Learners will give examples of the value of eating fruits and vegetables. They will be able to explain the importance of the common fruits and vegetables that are often described as “superfoods.” Students will be able to list the benefits and barriers of following a plant-based diet.


Learners will identify the different types of fats, define and explain the roles of fats in the body, and determine which fats are essential and most beneficial in reducing health risks.

Working with Clients

Learners will understand the role of the Health Coach in health coaching sessions on topics with nutrition implications such as weight loss or diabetes, the tools that they can use to help their clients with nutrition and when to refer to a Registered Dietitian/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

CEC Certification
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