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Enhance your Relationships

Jenev Caddell
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Life is relationships.
We are in a relationship with EVERYTHING - from our partners to our clients to ourselves to money to our businesses and workplaces.
CEP #100088

18 Credits

Our Relationships course is a 4-week course taught by Relationships Expert, Dr. Jenev Caddell.

Dr. Caddell is a Clinical Psychologist, holds a Doctorate in Psychology, and is the founder of My Best Relationship.

In this course, we're going to dive deep into FOUR areas over the next four weeks:

--> Our relationships with ourselves

--> Our relationships with significant others 

--> Our relationships with our clients

--> Our relationships with our businesses / careers

Especially as a coach who is dealing with other people, understanding relationships in a deeper way is absolutely crucial so that you can show up your best. Even if you're NOT a coach, relationships are critical in everything we do.

Additional Topics: 

  • Mindfulness
  • Values, Strength, and Personality Profile
  • Revolutionary New Science of Love
  • 3-Letter Foundation of any Strong Relationship
  • Troubled Patterns
  • Setting Boundaries with Clients
  • Managing Difficult Clients
  • Reg Flags
  • Refer a Client to Mental Health Services
  • The Confident Coach
  • Your Dream Career
  • Thriving in Business and Love

    Course Reviews:


    "I learned so much about relationships and how they are so central to our lives. I loved learning how to improve them in all areas we covered. I loved the toolkits we did in the last module and I will use these often. Jenev is so thorough and knowledgeable I loved learning from her. The material is all relevant to a coaching career and also in everyday life." -Sarah Mc Loughlin


    "I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I thought that Jenev was a wonderful instructor. Her positive feedback on the assignments and encouraging comments were very uplifting and helped to boost my confidence. Her positive energy was infectious and a great example of how a coach can lift up others and help them along their path. Great job!" - Ellen


    "This is something that anyone can benefit from. But as coaches....we have to mentally healthy to be able to coach effectively." -Jennifer Young


    "Yes, I learned so much. I have taken so many "relationship" classes, bible studies, courses and I still learned new ideas and tools to not only use for my clients, but myself as well." - Sandy


    "A huge benefit having such close access to a psychologist to help explain this part of a career as a coach." - Patsy


    "The videos were all very relevant and Jenev is an amazing professional and person who cares deeply." - Lisa


    "1) learning signs to identify depression/anxiety and the process with how to manage these clients. 2) the importance of self-care and creating boundaries in having successful relationships. 3) Because of the books listed, I have a good list of resources to refer to learn more about different aspects of relationships." -Amy Boyd


    "Clarity on why I chose to be a health & wellness coach. The exercise helped me define my "why". There was a huge value on learning about suicide, depression etc on how to identify it and where we can send our clients for more help. I also appreciated the information on how to deal with difficult clients." - Melissa Jordan
    "Yes, I highly recommend! This is great chance of personal growth and sensibleness; also you can get a lot of practical tools to build healthy relationships in business and other areas of your life!"  Olga
    (Three benefits of this course..)"Skills to use with "difficult" clients, skills to help me balance work/life, and focusing on the "why" of my business and sharing that." -Kalisha

Here is the course outline:

1. Syllabus + Course Details

Syllabus + Course Details

2. Your Relationship With Yourself

You will learn: Why self-awareness is your best asset as a coach; the importance of understanding your values, strengths and personality; and how self-care is critical, especially as a Wellness Coach. You will also discover your main values, strengths and one personality profile of yours, as well as put together a self-care plan.

3. Romantic Relationships

You will learn about: The revolutionary new science of love; emotions; the foundation of a strong relationship; troublesome patterns in love; domestic violence; and healthy communication 101.

4. Your Relationship With Clients

You will learn: Why a good relationship is important; how to create one; about boundaries and your role as coach; how to set the stage for success; difficult clients; when and how to refer to mental health services.

5. Your Relationship With Your Career / Business

You will learn about: Your Why; Your Dream Work, Confidence; Success Mindset; Money Mindset; Your Interpersonal Relationships outside of coaching and how to manage yourself when/if others around you are negative


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

CEC Certification
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