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Wellness Coach Certification


When you enroll in our certification program, you conveniently have access to the curriculum. All content is laid out in course format and can be completed online from the comfort of your own space. You can choose when to attend live sessions based on your availability. Live sessions for each pilar run twice a year in a series of sessions that allow you to practice the skills of coaching.

WHEN: You can enroll anytime to start completing the course content. However, we do offer kick-off dates so you can start with a cohort of peers.

WHERE: All classes are hosted on here in the virtual learning center. Live sessions are hosted in the evenings (ie: Thursdays 6-7pm eastern). 

Classes do not need to be completed in order. The program is 24 weeks. 

The program runs consecutively twice a year. Once enrolled you will have one year to complete the program. 


Here is the course outline:

1. Intro/Getting Started

New student registration and handbook.

2. Pillar 1 - Coaching Structure

This course is designed to give you the structure needed to host a coaching session and design a coaching program. This is a two-week jumpstart course!

3. Pillar 2 - Coaching Tools and Skills

This course gives you the coaching tools to ensure each coaching sessions is productive and successful. You'll learn what it takes to be a confident coach! This course is 8-weeks.

4. Pillar 3 - Coaching Relationships

Relationships are everything. Establish the trust and rapport needed to develop a positive relationship with your client. This course is 8-weeks.

5. Healthy Lifestyle Course

15 hours of healthy lifestyle content. No live sessions are required for this course.

6. Practical Coaching Assessment

Apply for your final coaching assessment after all three Pillars have been completed.

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