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6 Ways to Prepare for a Coaching Session

Dawn Mazur

This course covers the coaching standard: 1.1.1. Coach is calm, present, and emotionally available.
We review 6 ways in which a coach can prepare for a coaching session.

CEP #100088.
6 CEC's

Assessments - Students will create a personal plan for how they will prepare for a coaching session. This includes what they will do to get in the right mindset, how they will create a space free from distractions, and how to handle tough coaching situations in which a coach must help a client remain calm and present. 


Here is the course outline:

1. Being Present

An effective coach is present and emotionally available for their clients. This module will review how to center your attention, stay focused, and build a mindful practice.

2. How to Minimize Distractions

Describe and design your ideal workspace for ultimate coach and client focus.

3. Plan to Prepare

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Expert coaches take the time to plan for successful and productive coaching sessions free from distractions.

4. Set your Attention

Sometimes the inevitable happens and a coach has less than 5 minutes to re-focus their attention to their client. Learn effective strategies to reset and refocus.

5. Daily Practice

The best coaches establish and maintain a daily practice of mindfulness so they can always be in a state of a higher level mindfulness and presence for themselves and their clients.

6. 30 Second Tool for Medical Professionals

A Nurse works long hours, long days, and sees numerous patients every day. A Nurse likely does not have the time to practice a mindful session prior to seeing each patient, so here is a quick way (30 seconds or less) to re-center yourself before seeing a patient so you can continue to provide the best care.

7. Resources

Recommended books and resources for coaches to use.


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

6 Ways to Prepare for a Coaching Session
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