Top Nutritionists Come to a Consensus on Eggs

An egg a day is ok, Expert Wellness Coach

Eggs are a withstanding source of controversy.

Eat them, they are a great source of protein.
Don’t eat them, they are high in cholesterol.
Eat them, the cholesterol isn’t the “bad” cholesterol.

So what’s the truth about eggs?

The truth is, eggs are a perfect source of protein, providing all 20 amino acids, the building blocks for muscle, tissues, and cells. They are relatively low in calories (~70 calories per egg), and they provide Vitamin D, B Vitamins, and minerals for brain and eye health. They are also high in cholesterol and high cholesterol diets are still linked to heart disease. However, if you’re watching your cholesterol intake, there are other foods to cut back on in your diet. It’s reported that Americans get most their cholesterol from beef (burgers) and cheese, which are also high in saturated fat and trans fats.

What is Cholesterol?

In short and simply put, cholesterol is a required waxy substance in the body that helps to digest fat. The liver makes all the cholesterol required and any additional amounts come from foods sources. These food sources can have “good” or “bad” cholesterol. HDL’s (high density lipoproteins) and LDL’s (low density lipoproteins) act differently in the body, dubbing them as good or bad. The HDL’s, or “good” cholesterol helps to clear out the LDL’s in the blood. LDL’s, or “bad” cholesterol is thick and builds up on the artery walls, making it difficult for blood to pump through. This contributes to high blood pressure because the heart has to work harder to pump the blood through the clogged arteries. Cholesterol can impact individuals differently, so while the RDA is 300 milligrams, this number will vary based on the individual and if they are more poned to the negative effects of eating a high cholesterol diet. In addition, diabetic patients still need to avoid cholesterol rich diets.

The Consensus

Top nutritionist agree, an egg a day is fine. In fact, having an egg for breakfast is a great way to start the day. The protein in eggs are more complex to break down, leaving you feel fuller longer and the fat in eggs provide energy and satiety. If you are worried about your cholesterol levels, try eating just the eggs whites, they contain no cholesterol.

Choosing the Right Egg

Choosing your eggs will depend on personal preference, budget, and your opinion on animal rights. Typically chickens are caged in small quarters with little if any access to the outdoors. If you value a chicken’s quality of life, you may be inclined to purchased chickens from farms that allow their chickens to roam freely. Here’s what you should know about popular terms printed on eggs.

Farm-Fresh Marketing term and has no official meaning
All Natural Marketing term and has no official meaning
Cage-Free Indicates the chickens have been allowed to walk freely
in a barn or chicken coop
Free-range Indicates the chickens can walk freely indoor and outdoors
Pasture raised Indicates the chickens are primarily outside year round
and brought in at night for protection
“Certified Humane” Stamp approved that the claim is accurate
“Animal Welfare Approve” Stamp approved that the claim is accurate

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