The Key to Maintaining Weight Loss

5 Secrets to Keeping the Weight off


Have you ever wondered why one person loses a significant amount of weight and maintains the weight loss, while another person loses the same amount of weight and puts it all back on? It happens quite often. There are many reasons those who have lost weight have maintained their weight loss: lifestyle change, exercise, discipline, and the list could go on. However, the most important and often missed reason in maintaining weight loss is “self-love”.

Self-love is key to maintaining a weight loss for the long term.

When people decide to lose weight they believe once they reach their goal their life will be perfect. For some it can mean meeting their lover, for others it will lead to a better career. Don’t get me wrong those things can happen, people lose weight they become more confident and outgoing – they attract a partner or go for a job they never would have dreamed of pursuing.  Achieving significant weight loss can provide a huge boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.

For others they lose the weight and none of those magical things happen, they realize they are still the same person with the same insecurities and problems as before: they just weigh less. Where did they go wrong? Why didn’t anything change? Once the disappointment sinks in they begin to overeat to comfort themselves. Slowly, they put the weight back on, and then some. They didn’t learn to love themselves during their weight loss journey – instead they fell in love with a magic number on the scale.

Self-love is the most important factor in weight loss. You don’t abuse someone you love, instead you cherish them, treat them with respect, and do everything you can to ensure their well-being. People who struggle with their weight typically have a hard time with “self-love”. They are more focused on pointing out their flaws rather than looking at what love about themselves.

I believe once you begin to love yourself you start to treat yourself differently.

You no longer want to binge eat when things go wrong. You don’t look in the mirror and see your flaws – instead you see your beauty. You exercise not because you want the scale to move; but because you want to keep your body healthy.

People who love themselves do not allow that inner voice to talk negatively; instead they treat themselves with respect.

Self-love is something we all can develop. Maybe you do not have issues with your weight; maybe you struggle in your career or your relationships, whatever your struggle is a little self-love goes a long way.

Below are 5 exercises to help you learn to love yourself throughout your weight loss journey.

#1 Mirror Pep Talk

Louise Hay has an exercise where you look in the mirror every day and say “I love you” It may seem silly at first – after a bit you will start to believe it. It will give you the foundation you need to build on.

#2 Reverse Negative Talk

Ditch the negative talk. How many times a day have you found yourself saying “I am so stupid” or “I am so fat” Every time you catch yourself putting yourself down STOP IT. Instead give yourself a compliment. It takes time and hard work to break this habit – it is more than worth the effort.

#3 Maintain a Daily Gratitude Journal

Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of every day write down one good thing that happened. It can be something big such as you received a raise at work or it can be as little as I brushed my teeth today. The point is to stay focused on the good things in your life.

#4 Give Yourself the Support you’d Give your Best Friend

Go easy, have patience with yourself. You wouldn’t scold a friend going through a hard time – why would you treat yourself differently? Self-love takes time you can’t expect to change all at once.

#5 Trust Yourself on this Journey

There is no relationship without trust. You need to start trusting yourself. Trust yourself to know what is right for you.


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Article provided by Guest Blogger, Lisa Rice.

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