Spring is in Full Swing and it’s Time to Commit to Getting Fit

Spring is in the air, Exercise
Spring is in the air. It’s an energizing and revitalizing feeling that inspires many to start a fitness regimen. Now is a great time to buddy up with a wellness coach to help you achieve your goals. A wellness coach will assess your current level of health, listen to your goals, and help you design a plan that fits into your lifestyle. Equally important, a coach will hold you accountable. If you can’t afford a coach, you can enlist a workout buddy or even join a fitness challenge online or in the work place.

Step 1: Assess

The first step is to address your current level of fitness. How many days are you currently active? If you’re mostly sedentary, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor and start with a low to moderate physical activity program. Jumping in full force will leave you sore, possibly injured, and will set you back in your plan. A wellness coach or personal trainer understands how to assess your current physical activity to prepare for the next step.

Step 2: Plan

After the assessment and the a’okay from your Doctor, your coach will develop a plan appropriate for your fitness level and goals. An example beginner plan may start with 3-5 reps and up to 3 sets of strength training and 20 minutes of cardio 3 days per week. Beginners can increase their intensity by 10% each week until you reach 8-12 reps and up to 60 minutes of cardio. Your fitness buddy that your enlist, such as a Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer is trained in fitness planning and exercise progression to maximize your results. There is no ‘one-size fits all here.

Step 3: Implement

The planning is in place and now you’re ready to commit. This is the no excuse zone. You are the only person that can make time for your health. You husband or wife will not pencil in your workout on your calendar for you and your children will certeinly not start making dinner just so you can have a few minutes at the gym. You must carve out that time and protect it with all you’ve got. Why? What happens when you lose your health?………. That’s why. Use the Spring motivation to revamp your schedule and give yourself the time to strengthen your body.

Try these three tips that can assist you in staying on track

  • Set reminder sticky notes to stay active throughout the day.

The little reminders will keep your body and mind engaged in the fitness mode, making it easier to stay active.

  • Put these reminders on your bathroom mirror, in the car, at work on your desk, and even in the bedroom:

reminders to exercise

  • Schedule your exercise time on the calendar and protect it with all your might.

Use fun reminders such as:

A Strong Body=A Strong Mind

Still Movin’ When I’m 80

A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion

Feel Good, Look Good

Get it, Get it

  • If you have a shared calendar your secretary and you can still get creative with your titles and remain professional.

VIP meeting, Rep meeting, Out of the Office, Tailor Appointment, Conference Call, etc. You wouldn’t skip these at work and you shouldn’t skip your exercise session either.

  • Purchase new workout gear. First, supportive shoes are really important to protect your feet and to help avoid injuries. Remember, pain and injury will set you back.

New workout gear can also boost your confidence. You’re at the gym and there walks by a fantastically fit person in their nice workout gear. Good for them! Now look in the mirror. If you’re in sweats and a old t-shirt, you’re probably going to feel like you don’t belong. Mentally, you need to feel ready and prepared. You don’t know the story of the person that walked by you, but you do know they look the part. You need to look the part to convince your mind and your body that you belong there and that you’re ready to give it all you’ve got. Think about every professional you know. They all look the part. A chef, a business person, a waitress, a teacher, the ups driver, everyone has a particular dress code. Working out also has a dress code. Even if you’re in your basement on the treadmill, you still should invest in your workout attire. Treat your exercise with priority and importance.

Lastly, Step 4: Maintain

Maintaining the fitness program is the most difficult. We can utilize Spring for the motivation, however eventually that motivation will diminish. So how do you stay on track? Goal setting is critical. A coach will help you set the goals, revise the goal, and hold you accountable. A coach is going to check in with you to make sure you are following the plan. If you’re not, they will remind you of all the wonderful reasons you listed early on for starting a program. They will revise the program to meet your needs, and they will accept zero excuses. They are the key to your success because they know deep inside, it’s there. Coaches are skilled in behavior change strategies and will utilize the appropriate strategies to help you see your desired success.

Best of luck and have fun getting fit this Spring!

Expert Coach Center is a Virtual Wellness Coaching Certification Program, composed of a 6-course curriculum series in Coaching Foundations, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Relationships and Life Balance.

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