Working Towards the National Wellness Coaching Standards

Here at the Expert Coach Center, our educators firmly believe in creating curriculum following the National Wellness Coaching Standards.  In the Wellness Coaching industry, many pop-up certification programs have attempted to train coaches without standards.  Yet, as all things evolve, so has the Coaching Industry.

The NCCHWC has worked with a variety of highly educated and experienced stakeholders to design their first draft of National Wellness Coaching Standards.  These standards will drive programs in the right direction. These standards help to determine if you’re truly qualified to be an effective coach.

The National Wellness Coaching Standards are divided into domains, skills, and knowledge. The four domains are divided into the four phases of the coaching process.

  • Domain 1: is composed of sub-standards that take place in the initial stage of the coaching process.
  • Domain 2: is the most central to the coaching process and focuses on evolving the relationship with the client.
  • Domain 3: focuses on the evaluation and progress monitoring of the client’s success.
  • Domain 4: is focused on the professional behavior of the coach. 

The Knowledge Section of the Standards focus on the competency and effective performance of the Coach such as understanding techniques for building rapport, communication techniques, behavior change models, goal setting techniques, and so-forth.

The Skills Section of the Standards is a composed of basic skill sets that Certified Wellness Coaches should demonstrate in the coaching sessions. These include; techniques in structuring the coaching process, assessment and evaluation, applying the change process, motivating behavior change, etc.

The Expert Coach Center has worked to align our curriculum with the National Wellness Coaching Standards. Applications with the National Consortium of Credentialing Health and Wellness Coaches (NCCHWC) are now available and we are working diligently on applying.

One of the Expert Coach Center Instructors, Michael Bertulfo and myself met a few weekends ago to review our curriculum and to work on the application process. We’re super excited bringing you the very best curriculum and ensuring you have all the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to be a Certified Expert Wellness Coach.

Mike and Dawn with the ECC

Michael Bertulfo, Instructor at Expert Coach Center and Dawn Mazur, Founder of Expert Coach Center met at Starbucks to review curriculum and the NCCHWC application.

We hope you’ll join us for this journey! 

Does the thought of changing the lives of others, while improving your own interest you? The Expert Coach Center is a Virtual Wellness Coaching Certification Program, composed of a 6 course curriculum series in Coaching Foundations, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Relationships and Life Balance. 

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