Mark Teitell


Mark Student, 2017


I researched coaching education programs thoroughly before deciding on Expert Coach Center. Now, from four months into the program...I'm really glad I chose ECC. The curriculum is very well thought-out. The online learning and collaboration platform works well (this spans both times when you're learning on your own, and interacting with classmates and the instructors, including real-time video).

But what really stands out to me even more is this: this is a group of people with a clear vision of how Health & Wellness coach training should be, not just from a "content" standpoint but also regarding how the student should be supported by expert instructors and top leadership of the company. With ECC, I feel like I have a whole bunch of experienced mentors now. They go the extra mile to make sure the course is working for me, that I'm coming up to speed and getting better on the "business" part of working with clients in addition to the "coaching" parts of it, and that my specific personal questions and needs get addressed.

And returning to the "curriculum" part for a minute, it says a lot that ECC is one of the organizations that set the National Council on Health & Wellness Coaching Certification (NCCHWC) standards (along with bigger and longer-established groups like the Duke School of Integrated Medicine and WellCoaches).

So, with ECC, it’s best of both worlds: top-tier curriculum that's in sync with the bigger, older "name brand" institutions, together with the personal support and positive energy that comes from a younger, smaller company whose founder and initial founding faculty are completely hands-on.

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