How to host a Vision Board Party for the New Year

Throw OUT the New Year’s Resolutions. Studies show the majority of resolutions are never achieved. Instead, create a Vision of what you want in the future.  This is a powerful process in clarifying your goals and mapping out your vision into reality.

Vision boards are such a fun and enlightening way to scope out your goals for the new year. Use a variety of images, phrases, and words that appeal to you for 2018. To make the experience even more memorable, invite your friends over and make a special afternoon of solidifying your future desire.

Vision Board Party People

Hosting my own Vision Board Party

Vision board party

Use old magazines to find images, phrases, and words that appeal to you.

Host your own Vision Board Party for the New Year

  • Step 1: Pick a day and time for your party and create an evite or Facebook event.

Invite your friends and family. (Tip: A vision board isn’t just for adults, kids will enjoy this activity too!)

I recommend using a Facebook invite because you can update the audience, post reminders, post pictures of other vision boards for ideas, and you can post pictures of the party after the event.

Download either image for your Facebook event cover.

Vision board party Facebook cover

Vision board party event Facebook cover

  • Step 2: Collect materials for creating the vision boards.

Grab magazines, mini-poster boards, markers, and glue. You can also ask the guests to bring in some old magazines to use.

  • Step 3: Guide the Process.

If your friends are new to Vision Boards, you’ll want to guide the process for them.

Vision Board

Want to get in shape, lose weight, start a new career path, buy a home, organize your house, revamp your style, grow your business, or find happiness?  Whatever it is, a vision board helps you define your future and serves as a reminder of where you’re headed. Have your friends focus on what they really want for the new year. If they aren’t sure, just have them cut out pictures, words, and phrases that really speak to them.

Without a vision and a goal, life just happens.

Vision boards are so important because if you don’t have a plan, if you don’t have a vision for what you want, then you allow life to just happen. You allow life to unfold in front of you without manifesting what you want and need out of life. Everyone has the power to envision something different, something more, and something extraordinary. After the vision, comes the goal setting. Have your party guests sit with their vision for at least a week. Then encourage them to transform their vision into long and short-term goals. You can post the next blog post on the Facebook event page: How to turn your vision board into actionable goals.

Party Bonus:  What’s a party without food? Take your vision board party to the next level by serving foods that bring in good luck for the new year and help you detox from the previous year.


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