How To Find Your First 5 Paying Clients As A Wellness Coach

If you’re ready to find your first 5 paying clients, then let me ask you…

Who do you know that could benefit from a Wellness Coach? I mean really benefit?

Like, ‘I have a new lease on life’ benefit?

Why do I ask? Let’s take a walk down statistical road together.

  • 90% of doctor visits are stress related.
  • 75% of health care costs are related to preventable diseases. Yes, preventable.
  • 1/3 of the population is overweight/obese.
  • In the US, over $17 billion dollars is spent on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.
  • Over 1 billion is spent on sleeping medication.

You get the picture. So let me ask you, could you list 5 people (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc) that could benefit from having a wellness coach?

find paying clients as a wellness coaching

Go ahead, give it a try. Complete this exercise to see how many people could benefit from Wellness Coaching.

  • List at least 5 people that you know that could benefit from wellness coaching.


  • Next to their name, tag them with our one of our courses from our wellness coach certification curriculum (Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Relationships, or Life Balance).

This list is your first 5 paying clients! Getting clients is easier than you think. Especially when you reframe your mind from ‘finding paying clients‘ to ‘finding people that could benefit from wellness coaching’. 

Everywhere you go today, think about the people you encounter and how they could benefit from wellness coaching.

  • Keep an ongoing list and offer them a free 20 minute specific discovery session with you. 
  • Cater your discovery session based on the tags you created on your list.


Discover the 5 ways to reduce your stress today, book your free discovery session.

Lost weight without starving yourself, book your free 20 min discovery session.

Learn 3 ways to nurture your relationships for happier living, book your 20 minute free discovery session.

  • Set a deadline for your discovery session to encourage action and remind your potential clients of the free opportunity.
  • Require them to fill out the intake form prior to the discovery session.


Once you have your discovery session booked, use the tools and concepts provided in the Expert Coach Center Coaching Foundations.  This course is provided in the 6-course curriculum series for Certified Wellness Coaches.

Already a coach but looking for more information? You can enroll in Coaching Foundations as a stand alone course. Click here for the course dates.

Happy Coaching! 



Does the thought of changing the lives of others, while improving your own excite you? Expert Coach Center is a Virtual Wellness Coaching Certification Program, composed of a 6 course curriculum series in Coaching Foundations, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Relationships and Life Balance. 

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