Credentials or Experience, which is more important?

Do you need the credential “certified” to be a successful health and wellness coach?


Then why do we proudly advertise that you can become a Nationally Certified Expert Wellness Coach, and what does that mean for you?

I recently observed a conversation in a Facebook group about having the credential to coach and whether that made a difference. Many passionate people aligned with each opposing side. I heard from some that if you had the experience, you didn’t need the credential. Others declared a credential gives you credibility.
Both sides are right and wrong. Experience is essential for your success, but so is education and having the knowledge to effectively help your clients. 
I’ve been a runner since High School and a Pilates advocate since College. Based on my experience I could start coaching others how to get fit and start exercising. However, that could be a really big liability issue. It’s the education on fitness programs, fitness progression, health assessments, Par-Q’s, and behavior change that makes me credible. This education came from my Graduate degree in Health and Sport Science. In this case, experience is great, but it’s the knowledge on designing fitness programs and my Master’s degree that gives me the credibility. 
On the flip side, before founding Expert Coach Center, I earned my wellness coach certification through a program that required zero coaching hours. Zero. In fact, we didn’t learn much about coaching at all.  So having this credential didn’t necessarily make me legit, because at the time I lacked vital knowledge and experience. So while I had the “credibility” with my certification, I lacked the experience to be successful. 
So that’s essentially how both sides are right and wrong.
Yes, experience is important, as is credible education. That’s where, Expert Coach Center comes in and why we advertise the credential – Nationally Certified Expert Wellness Coach. It actually has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Above all, it showcases your expertise in coaching to the public. 

So what makes Expert Coach Center so great?

Well, we provide you with the credential and the experience, so you can successfully help other people on their desired wellness journeys. Which is the whole point of coaching, right?!.

  • All of our courses are taught by instructors that hold at least a Master’s Degree in the Health Field. Ensuring you receive credible and accurate information.  
Next time someone has a question related to health and fitness you can confidently provide them with the answers they need. 
  • Our program is accepted by the NCCHWC to provide National Certification. This means our curriculum aligns with the National Coaching Standards, so you have the upmost confidence in your knowledge and skills.  
The industry is just starting to be regulated and soon both the public and private sector will seek out coaches with this credential, because they know you’re the best. 


  • Our program requires that each student logs fifty, 20 minute coaching sessions to gain the experience and skills to be successful.  
You’ll never be discouraged when a client experiences set backs, and you’ll never be intimated with the coaching process, because you’ll have so much experience that successfully coaching others is as easy as riding a bike. 
The best businesses are formed from experiences to fill an empty hole in the marketplace. It was my experience that lead me to creating the best Wellness Coaching Certification in the market. However, if you’re like me, you’ll take the time to research convenient, reputable, and affordable programs. To help you with your research we created a Free Sample Class for you to dive into. 
We offer a Credible Certification that equips you the experience and knowledge to be a proud Nationally Certified Expert Wellness Coach. That means something to us and if it resonates with you, we encourage you to enroll in our upcoming semester to save your spot. Upon enrollment, you’ll get instant access to the curriculum so you can start diving into all our rich content. 

Expert Coach Center is an approved program by the NCCHWC for National Certification. Our 10-month program is composed of 6-core classes in Coaching Foundations, Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Relationships, and Life Balance. Click here to see the course catalog

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