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Become a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

What would it mean to you to be recognized as a Nationally Certified Expert Health & Wellness Coach?
How would this new credential and skill set change your life? 

If you're ready to tap into your passions, escape from the cubicle, become certified, be your own boss, and gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to be a confident and effective wellness coach, then get ready because we offer the best and most holistic curriculum to becoming a Certified Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur.

How the Program Works
All courses are hosted online in our virtual learning center and are taught by live instructors. There is a start and end date for each course, however, upon enrollment you will have instant access to the curriculum. 

Our program is approved by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaches.

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Convenience without Compromise

Embark on a wellness journey you won't forget.

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Enroll anytime. 7 Modules to help you jumpstart your coaching career. 

Full Certification Track Leading to National Certification with the ICHWC


This is for our Full Certification Track and includes our 6 core courses. Enrollment opens when a course starts. To keep class sizes small, we cap each course at 30 students.   This track includes a free two-year membership to the community connections and entails working towards the becoming a Nationally Certified Expert Wellness Coach.

Accelerated Certification Leading to National Certification with the ICHWC 


If you currently have or are working towards a degree in the Health and Wellness Field, you can bypass the 5 elective courses if you have at least 15 hours in health/wellness courses and enroll in the Coaching Foundations course for the Wellness Coach Certification. This path entails working with our success coach, successfully completing Coaching Foundations, and passing the exam. 

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Coaching Foundations


3 Month Course. Build the skills you need to become an effective and confident coach in this robust and engaging 10-week course.  
Instructor Led September 19th - End of November 

Nutrition for Better Health


In this 8 week course, you'll learn how to effectively coach clients by exploring their relationship with food. You'll discover how food choices impact the human body, the role of nutrients, how to design a balanced and healthy meal plan for clients. Plus, get tons of resources and handouts for your clients.
Instructor Led January 9th - March 3rd

Fitness Coaching


Create a program plan to help clients commit to a more active lifestyle. Implement group fitness coaching or classes for potential clients. And..get your own booty in gear. 
Instructor Led March 6th - April 28th

Self-Paced Transfrom Stress


Learn how to think more clearly, release tension, worry, and frustration within moments. Teach your clients how to stop emotional energy drains, gain new energy, and experience the joy of stress-free living. 
Instructor Led May 1st - May 26th

Enhance Your Relationships 


There is a consistence theme amoung the human race. We all want to be accepted for who we are, we all want to be loved, and we all want to be happy. The relationships you have with friends, family, co-workers, and your spouse can directly impact your health and happiness. Learn how to nurture those relationships, honor your true self, and discover happiness within your relationships. 
Instructor Led May 29th - June 30th

Life Balance


Life-Balance and happiness is the goal of our existence. Learn how to prioritize your values to achieve the life you desire. Instructor led December 5th - January 6th


Community Connections Membership and Business Building Nuggets from the Experts E-Course


This annual membership grants you access to TONS of resources to help you build your business and brand, including our exclusive business building nuggets from the experts e-course.