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Become a Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

What would it mean to you to be recognized as a Nationally Certified Expert Health & Wellness Coach?
How would this new credential and skill set change your life? 

If you're ready to tap into your passions, escape from the cubicle, become certified, be your own boss, and gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to be a confident and effective wellness coach, then get ready because we offer the best and most holistic curriculum to becoming a Certified Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur.

How the Program Works
All courses are hosted online in our virtual learning center and are taught by live instructors. There is a start and end date for each course, however, upon enrollment you will have instant access to the curriculum. 

Our program is approved by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaches.

Convenience without Compromise

Embark on a wellness journey you won't forget.

ICHWC Path to Becoming a Nationally Certified Coach


The ICHWC path is intended to prepare you to sit for the National Exam to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Fast Track to Becoming a Certified Expert Wellness Coach


The CEWC Fast Track is designed for individuals who are passionate about health and wellness, however they may lack formal training or hold a degree in the health field.

Self-Paced Path to Becoming a Certified Expert Wellness Coach


The CEWC Self-Paced Program is for those who need extra convenience to complete the program on their own time.