In 8 Weeks You Can Become A More Effective Wellness Coach

Are you a wellness coach looking for more experience, hours, and/or confidence?

Coaching Foundations is an 8-week course, taught by Instructor: Michael Bertulfo

Wellness Coaching Instructor

Michael is a Skilled Health Educator, Strategic Communicator, Doctoral Student, Health Ed Advocate, and Founder of Health Education Works

Course Dates: September 14th- November 6th

Location: Online at

App Available for Course: Matrix LMS

In 8 Weeks, Michael will cover the following modules and objectives allowing you to increase your knowledge, practice your skills, and become a more effective and successful wellness coach.

Modules and Objectives:

  • Ethics and Standards


Learners will understand how to exercise professional standards and demonstrate ethnical guidelines.

Learners will demonstrate the ability to establish a coaching agreement.

  • Communication


Learners will demonstrate the ability to understand the client’s desires and the meaning of what the client is saying.

Learners will ask questions to maximize the benefit of the coaching relationship.

Learners will demonstrate effective communication with specific language for the greatest impact during coaching sessions.

  • Coaching Agreements


Students will understand what is required in the coaching interaction, come to an agreement with prospective new clients, and develop a coaching agreement.

  • Relationships


Learners will display the ability to establish trust and intimacy with the client in both the physical and emotional environments.

  • Getting Results


Learners will identify methods to create an awareness with their client to achieve results.

Learners will demonstrate the ability to design on-going actions with the client for continued success.

Learners will design an effective coaching plan with their client.

Learners will effectively prepare progress and accountability reports for their client.

Enhance your skills, increase your confidence, and become a more effective wellness coach!

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This course is part of a 6-course series to become a Certified Wellness Coach. Taking Coaching Foundations alone will not certified you as a wellness coach. If you’re interested in becoming certified, please apply for the full certification.  Taking Coaching Foundations as a stand-alone course is ideal for someone who is already coaching clients and desires a stronger skill set.

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