Antoinette Terrel


Antoinette CEWC, 2016

I wanted a program/school that covered certain subjects to health and wellness, and after a few years of searching, I stumbled upon Expert Coach Center. At first I thought it was ‘too good to be true' but after delving deeper into the covered subjects/topics, I knew that this was it.

Expert Coach Center Wellness Program covered ALL the subjects I wanted. Without overthinking, I took a leap of faith and jumped right in. Sure, I did a little due diligence as we all should but right off the bat, Dawn (the founder) made herself available to answer any questions I had before starting.

Then you get in and the teachers are experts and experienced in each subject matter, and they make learning fun. Modules are very easy to follow and resources are plenty.

So thankful I did it with Expert Coach Center.

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