Ana Vucetic


Ana CEWC, 2016


As someone who has been passionate for so many years about fitness and nutrition I never thought of taking the step and making a career in wellness. I came across ECC webpage and got interested in the program because of its variety, courses and practical assignments.

After one year in the program, I can honestly say that this has been by far the best decision ever. I decided to completely devote my time to the courses and start a new career. I couldn’t be more excited and ECC made that happen for me! I enjoyed every single course but if I would have to focus my attention on a particular topic it would be fitness, nutrition and relationships. We had some of the best instructors who not only gave us insight in the theories, latest trends but we also had the opportunity to ask questions during live sessions, to clarify working with our own clients how to solve an issue.

The best part of being in the ECC program is having instructors available for our questions. There is a lot of practice from what we have learned and it leaves you with a feeling that you can tackle these topics on your own once the journey is over.

If anyone is interested in wellness, which is a broad topic, I highly recommend to enroll in this program. It covers so many diverse topics that one can really find what they are passionate about and go on from there. The program is long enough to give you a lot of knowledge and assignments for practice but not overwhelming.

Live sessions are a great way to get your business mindset going and learn from the best instructors how to start your own business. I would also highlight that if you are passionate about helping others, in this program you are given the best tools to do so. You will feel empowered to take the first step towards your dreams.

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