A message from our founder

I’ve always been passionate about wellness. I spent over seven years teaching Health and various Health Electives at the high school level. Three children later, I found myself stretched too thin for the upcoming school year.

Knowing I couldn’t put 100% into teaching five different classes between two schools, I made the decision to focus on Plan B: To become a certified wellness coach and start a Master of Science degree in Health and Sport Science with a concentration in Health Promotion.

I started the search for a wellness coaching certification program. After hours of researching, I crossed many programs off my list because they required attending in person or having to call in weekly and listen to a teleconference for an hour. I don’t know about you, but the only time my children need me is when I’m on the phone.

I needed something convenient or it just wasn’t going to happen. I looked into some well known programs but they specialized primarily in nutrition. Since I already had a strong background in nutrition, I was seeking a more well-rounded program.

Having an instructor to guide you is absolutely
hands-down essential in a coaching program.


Online and on my own

I finally found a program that was completely online and seemingly accredited. Once I enrolled in the program, I found myself entirely on my own. There was no leader or instructor to guide me, to set pace, to cheer me on, or to make sure that I completed the program.

As an educator I pride myself in guiding my students and celebrating their successes. I take great responsibility in giving them feedback and then watching them grow. It was disappointing that I wasn’t being offered any of that.

I teamed up with two other students and designed a calendar for us to follow. Each week we had to complete a module and check in with one another to stay on track. Once an educator, always an educator, I guess.

Gurus but no graduation

As I continued through the program it was additionally disappointing that the program’s “faculty” were audio-taped “gurus” in the health and/or business field. And while I respect life long self-education, I highly value learning from professional experts. Not some self-styled “guru” with no real academic credentials.

Still that wasn’t the most disappointing part. When the course was over, there was no “graduation”. No program advisor congratulating me. No nice diploma. Just me, my computer, and a certificate that popped upon the screen. After spending over $4,000, that left me feeling a little empty.

I entered the program not knowing how valuable it was going to be until I actually got to speak to the founder before joining. Dawn Mazur exemplified herself As being genuine and showed that she cares about coaching industry! The courses that I have taken thus far are more than I imagined. Each course helps you expand your mind so that you can expand your goals as an individual and equally as a coach. The instructors are awesome and readily available. Every time I log in, I’m prepared to learn something new so that I can apply it in my personal life, professional life and most importantly, in my clients lives. I always say “You can choose to live life by design or by default” ….this program is definitely helping me to design my life of helping others.
Jermaine Morgan
I wanted a program/school that covered certain subjects to health and wellness, and after a few years of searching, I stumbled upon Expert Coach Center. At first I thought it was ‘too good to be true’ but after delving deeper into the covered subjects/topics, I knew that this was it. Expert Coach Center Wellness Program covered ALL the subjects I wanted. Without overthinking, I took a leap of faith and jumped right in. Sure, I did a little due diligence as we all should but right off the bat, Dawn made herself available to answer any questions I had before starting. Then you get in and the teachers are experts and experienced in each subject matter, and they make learning fun. Modules are very easy to follow and resources are plenty. So thankful I did it with Expert Coach Center.
Antoinette Terrel 

Making the best of it

That’s what I was determined to do. So I set out to use my new certification.

I applied for a few part-time health coach positions so I could focus on finishing up my Master’s degree. But it turned that out my certification wasn’t recognized in the wellness field and the accreditation was considered “questionable”.

Feeling frustrated and defeated I started my own wellness business, Sweet Elite Wellness, where I focused on creating wellness challenges, personalized wellness coaching, and using aromatherapy for stress management. As part of my Master’s program, I enrolled in a Health Coaching Graduate Course.

Every single piece of information I learned in my class was completely new to me. But how could this be? Wasn’t I “a certified wellness coach?” How could I know nothing about wellness coaching!?!

Needless to say, I felt inspired to bring a better option to the industry. So I have. It’s called Expert Coach Center.

Here’s what Expert Coach Center brings to the market:

An option that focuses on convenience in the virtual setting, an option that is built on engagement, an option based on e-learning best practices, an option that provides you with clear learning objectives, a teacher to guide you, and assessments based on meeting the set criteria.

And, especially, an option that focuses on real support. You see, coaching is a skill and skills must be practiced to be mastered. But you can practice a skill day in and day out but, if you’re not performing the skill correctly, it’s a waste of time!

If you want to be a successful wellness coach, look for a program that provides training not just in the mechanics of coaching but in the full range of health and nutrition. Find one that provides feedback from a licensed instructor. Find one that will let you come in and look around at the classes. And ask for a 30-day money back guarantee.

And when you finish, you’ll proudly display your Certification that has been mailed to you. You’ll display your certification not because it’s in your hand, but because you worked hard, you achieved your goal, and you have a team behind you ready to watch you spread your wings.

I went looking for all that. And when I couldn’t find it, I started Expert Coach Center.

I’m committed to providing you with a high-quality wellness training program that is built with the user’s experience in mind. Accurate information, hands-on learning, virtual coaching practice, continuous feedback to help you grow, and on-going support upon graduation.

I hope you decide to join us.

Founder and Director
Expert Coach Center