10 ways to help clients relax

Enhance your service

And help clients relax so they feel restored and centered after their coaching session.

In our transforming stress course, current coaching students were challenged to enhance their coaching sessions by including a relaxation component. The purpose of this component is to add value to their service and to give the gift of relaxation.

The objective of this assignment for students was to reflect on what they’ve learned in the course about ways to manage and transform stress. Students were then instructed to add value to their sessions by providing clients with an extra layer of service that they wouldn’t expect, but would leave them feeling special, relaxed, centered, and restored.

10 Ways to Help Clients Relax

Here are 10 ways to enhance your service and leave your clients feeling relaxed, brought to you by Expert Coach Center Students in the Transforming Stress Course.

  • Offer Essential Oil Inhalation

Clients can choose one or two essential oils for a custom treatment. Selections can be diffused into the air or placed in palms for deep inhalation.

  • Create a Custom Menu of Essential Oil Synergy blends

For specific intentions such as: health, energy, clarity, joy, peace, or abundance diffused from a tea light diffuser to create ambiance. Crystals and flowers can be displayed next to the diffuser to help create a scared space.

  • Gift Take Away Essential Oil Blends

Clients will receive a personalized blend of essential oils to take home with them. This can be catered to their goals (e: uplifting blend, relaxing blend).

  • Offer a 5 minute Aromatouch Starter Session

Provide clients with Aromatouch Therapy to the Hands for ultimate relaxation.

  • Create 5 Minute Guided Meditations

Start the session with a guided meditation, mantra, or praanayama (breath practice).

  • Offer Walk and Talks

Conduct the coaching session while walking for a ‘walk and talk’ coaching session that provides the client with the outdoor space and serenity of nature.

  • Create Meditation Closures

Help clients relax at the end of the session by leading a 5 minute mutual closure meditation. Both of you will close your eyes, focus on the breath, and think about your progress in the session and your intention for the next session.

  • Offer a Beverage

Provide clients with a beverage, herbal teas or homemade lavender lemonade depending on the season.

  • Warm up a Lavender Beanbag

Provide clients with a lavender scented warm bean bag to place on neck, back, or even in lap.

  • Create Space.

Provide clients with space to reflect at the end of the session with what they are grateful for by having them write in a journal or a sticky note for a community appreciation board.

If you would like to connect with these students to learn more about their ideas on how to help clients relax, please join the Private Facebook Group and feel free to share your ideas with the group as well. We love supporting and growing with one another. 

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