10 Characteristics of a Wellness Coach

The Top 10 Characteristics of an Effective Wellness Coach

Wellness coaches who want to promote great teaching, find value in examining the traits of the best personally effective coaches. What do the most effective wellness coaches do that is different? To simply mimic their behavior does not guarantee success. Other wellness coaches can learn from the best and begin to develop and master a wide variety of skills that educate, empower and inspire clients to want to live their best life.

Ten traits of personally effective wellness coaches are:


  • They treat each client with positive respect.


  • They filter out negative thinking and share a genuine positive attitude.


  • They have an authentic purpose for everything they do.


  • They have resilience and the skills to reflect and adjust plans when things need to change.


  • They use the power of empathetic listening and non-violent communication to connect with their clients.


  • They have high regard for personal effectiveness and core values for themselves and their clients.


  • They have clients establish clear goals and expectations creating higher self-esteem and greater confidence.


  • They understand that thoughts fuel, feelings/emotions, that fuel behaviors and beliefs.


  • They help clients build a life with meaning using individual strengths.


  • They impact the lives of clients far beyond the coaching sessions.


Being a great wellness coach is challenging, energizing and rewarding. Being open to learning and being teachable each day, empowers each wellness coach to look for opportunities, not only helping clients be the best in the world, but helping them be the best for the greater good of the world.

What traits are your strengths? Whose life will you empower today?


This article first appeared on the Fit for Life Blog by Jaime Johnson


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