All Wellness Coaches are Created Equal, but not all Programs are. 

We are a quiet contender in the wellness coaching certification field. Come find out why the world is starting to talk about Expert Coach Center.

"I really enjoyed the sample material, and the feedback was very encouraging and gave me confidence. I learned a lot in a short time. I like the ease of navigating around the website and completeing and sending assignments. Of all the wellness coaching sites, and I've looked at many, this one is the best for me." Ingrid


"The course is to me, a hint of the current teachings your school believes in. That is SO important to me! Daily I work with intuition, data, research, goals. Most schools, do not SHOW any intuitiveness in courses, they are set in stone and do not allow room for individual thoughts on issues (aka conventional medicine foundation). They firmly believe one size fits all. Thank you for the chance to think my own thoughts through and allowing application of my own thoughts and reasoning to the situations outlined in the sample courses :) They show me errors, room for improvement, etc." Meggan


"It provided me with a sense of how the certification course will be delivered and I enjoyed the format which was diverse and varied throughout." Mel